About project

The project is about integrating and supporting information management processes and optimizing the decision-making system for alerting and alerting about threats of contamination. The main result of the project will be the WAZkA demonstrator (Hazard Analysis and Analyze Hazard Analysis Support System), which consists of four main modules:

  • MI1 Integration Module (for communication, transfer and pre-processing of data from existing threat monitoring systems);
  • MI2 Integration Module (for integration with existing alert and alert systems)
  • MGDiA Data Collection and Analysis Module (central module of the system responsible for analysis of data derived from monitoring systems, decision optimization and alert generation for alarm systems)
  • Visualization module (for presenting threat data). The WAZkA methodology will be developed and recommendations for legislative changes will improve the functioning of the pollution detection and alarm system.

The architecture skeleton of the WAZkA demonstrator system (with description) is presented below:



  • MI1 Integration Module - responsible for communication, transfer and pre-processing of data from existing threat monitoring systems. Data will be automatically generated from systems and entities that have information systems that process threat information. For the needs of other entities, an interface will be provided for semiautomatic data replenishment (eg serial mail delivery) and manual replenishment;
  • Integration Module MI2 - is responsible for integration with existing alert and alert systems. This is followed by alerts on threats from the IT system;
  • MGDiA Data Collection and Analysis module - central module of the system responsible for analysis of data obtained from monitoring systems (via the MI1). On the basis of this, the evaluation, hierarchy and forecast of the threat are evaluated. In the event of their occurrence an alarm is sent to the alerting and alerting system (via MI2);
  • MW Visualization Modules - are responsible for the presentation of data and analysis results (in particular hazard warnings) for KSWSiA entities.

Two visualization modules are proposed:

  • Array - is an Internet portal that provides quick access to information about the most current and most important threats. It is a central point of communication between KSWSiA entities. Access to the presented information will be filtered according to the logged-in user's privileges.
  • COP - just like the Array module will be available via the Internet. It will present hazard information on the digital map.


  • Simulators of Causes and Effects of Risks SPSZ - simulators will support the MGDiA module. They will allow you to simulate the development and development of threats so that you will be able to generate alerts and prepare actions (and in particular plan ahead). Simulators will also allow you to play different variants of threat development, which will result in faster and less risky decisions to combat them.
  • EMM Hazard Monitoring System Emulators - will allow you to generate artificial and user-controlled threat data that "pretend" the real data from the monitoring systems. This will make it easier to conduct training and to familiarize yourself with rare or mundane situations that have not yet occurred, but are potentially dangerous.