Project manager


dr hab. inż. Zbigniew Tarapata, prof. WAT

( - Deputy editor of the Computer Science and Mathematical Modeling magazine, director of the Institute of Information Systems (ISI) at the Cybernetics Department of the Military Academy of Technology in Warsaw. He graduated from the Department of Cybernetyki WAT in the discipline of "Informatics" (professional title obtained in 1995); On the same Faculty also defended, in the discipline "Informatyka", dissertation in 1998r. And habilitation in 2012r. Title of the habilitation thesis: "Models and Algorithms for Knowledge-Based Decision Support and Simulation in Defense and Transport Applications". He worked as a scientific and didactic assistant (1995-1999), a science and didactic assistant (1999-2012) and an associate professor (2012) at the Department of Operational Research and Decision Support of the Institute of Computer Systems, Cybernetyki WAT. He is a retired lieutenant colonel of the Polish Army. His scientific interests are related to the following areas: knowledge-based decision support and simulation software; Analysis, modeling and forecasting of threats (including cybernetic); Graphical-network optimization (including complex networks, link analysis); Modeling, optimization and simulation of combat operations; Efficiency analysis of algorithms; Methods and tools of multi-criterion decision support; Transport optimization. He has participated in many research and development projects in the area of ​​computer decision support and simulation in broadly understood national security. He is the author of over a hundred scholarly publications and conference papers from the mentioned areas.