Detail objectives

  1. Develop a methodology for identifying hazards in this international context, including risk assessment and hierarchy.
  2. Develop rules for assessing the vulnerability of a site to include risk maps and hazard maps.
  3. Development of data acquisition principles from threat monitoring systems.
  4. Development of the data acquisition module by the data-communication system and the warnings collected by the monitoring systems.
  5. Development of a module enabling the use of the Regional Alert System and other civilian alert systems.
  6. Design and implementation of a modern teleinformatic system for the exchange of hazard data, the preparation of assessments and analyzes of adverse events, the coordination of activities, the modeling of scenarios, the identification of their risks, the transmission of information to the public through available warning systems and exercises.
  7. Develop a training program for public administrators using the products resulting from the project and develop a workout system.
  8. Preparation of recommendations for legislative changes that improve the functioning of the pollution detection and alarm system.
  9. Current dissemination of project results.

Additional specific goals proposed by the Contractors

  1. Development of CBRN formal risk models extending item 2 (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear).
  2. Develop an electronic CBRN Hazard Catalog and threats that could result in chemical, biological and radioactive contamination.
  3. Develop emulators of threat monitoring systems.
  4. Development of development simulators and effects.